Hoodia Product Comparison

The Hoodia plant has been becoming increasingly popular lately. People are talking about it all around, and it’s obvious that it has some highly beneficial effects. Some people get to use it in its natural form and maintain healthy lives – those of us who don’t have that privilege though, need to rely on various cosmetic products to get their organisms refreshed with a dose of Hoodia – and with so many companies using it in their products today, you need someone to point out the good ones for you so that you don’t get lost and even worse, scammed. Read on to find out what some of the leading brands are right now and which products to look for.


This is easily one of the best products to start with when it comes to Hoodia extracts. It’s been extensively developed and tested, and comes in a liquid form that’s absorbed by your organism easily. They also offer great customer service and the product is all-around top notch. Here comes the bad news though – if you’re after a cheaper solution, turn back now. This one costs quite a lot and will definitely set you back significantly if you’re not used to paying a lot of money for your Hoodia products.

Unique Hoodia

Another one of the most reputed names on the market, Unique Hoodia has been around for a while – most people know it for its fast-acting formula and the strong energizing effect it offers. It’s also worth mentioning that the company behind it is constantly running attractive offers and the product is generally easily available. It’s cheap, and very effective – we could comment negatively on their customer service though, as they tend to be a bit unresponsive at times, but that’s a minor hassle when you consider the quality of the product overall.


This one comes in a pill form, and it works relatively good. It would’ve been an excellent product actually, if it wasn’t for the quantity given – it’s really small for the price asked, so don’t expect long-term supplies if you use this one. Still, it works more or less good, and will give you the effects you need, albeit a bit slower than other products. We recommend HoodiaXR if nothing better is available near you – it’s good for what it is, but with so many better options on the market right now, there’s not much point in using it.