Learning More About a Private Proxy And What It Can Do To Help You



When you choose to use proxies, it is important that you are aware of what their purposes are and how they can help you. One of the most important things to take note of is that there are different types of proxies that you can buy online.


These proxies have distinct differences that will help you find which one will suit you well the most. Even though you might say that proxies all do the same thing, their differences can make a huge change on what you will be using them for. Be wise and make sure that you check what kind of proxies you are using.


The Different Types Of Proxies That You Need To Know Of


there are actually two types of proxies, there is the private proxy and there is the shared proxy. Both do the same thing of giving you a new IP address and helping you hide your identity online but they are also different in many ways. A lot of people have used the internet and probably have encountered the word proxy however not everyone knows what it means exactly.


When talking about proxies, you are actually looking at a term known in the network technology that means a server which acts like a medium. This medium takes demands from its clients and then passes it on the sources. A proxy server is one that filters the requests that would come from the clients.


  • A private type of proxy is one that gives you your own connection and you are the only one that is able to use this.
  • A shared proxy is the one that gives you a connection but you will be sharing it with a group of other people.
  • A free proxy is one that enables you to browse the web conveniently if you don’t have the budget of buying proxies and would rather settle with the free versions.