Storing TRON with your TRON Wallet

The Tron as it is one of the top crypto currencies in the market. When you want to use Tron app, you need Tronix also known as Tron which is the crypto currency token. Purchasing Tron is not that complicated and it is still possible to keep your TRON on the marketplace. But you need to ensure that just like your usual money, these crypto currencies are kept in a safe place that is free from security threats.This is why getting an appropriate TRON wallet is as important as buying TRON.

Why purchase wallet As mentioned above, you can always keep your tokens in the market where you purchased them, although there is no guarantee that they will not be vulnerable to security threats. This is why picking the most appropriate wallet for your TRON tokens is a good strategy.

There are several options that you can choose from now including:

• Hardware wallet

• Software wallet

• Paper walletHardware wallet

These are dedicated devices that have a secure chip that are developed to add more security feature to storage options. This means you will never use your passwords or private keys to the computer which may be prone to security breach. Because this is the most secure among the three, the cost is also at a premium, which may not be that attractive to those who have relatively low investments.

Software walletAs the name implies, they are computer based and may come in either desktop, mobile or online. There are many types of software wallets available and they can store different types of currencies making this type the more popular one in the market.

Paper walletSimply put, this is a print out of the cryptocurrency address and private key that can be used to access QR code.

These are never connected to the computer making it the least vulnerable to hacking. However, once you lose the copy and do not have a back-up, that will spell a lot of trouble.